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Season 1

Best Friends
Best Friends
S1, Ep1
May 3, 2011
In the series premiere, Bugs and Daffy enter a game show that focuses on best friends, but Daffy's bottomless stupidity causes them to lose, which in turn causes him to try and be more like a friend to Bugs. But as expected, he tries way too hard.

Members Only
S1, Ep2
May 9, 2011
Members Only
After falsifying his way into a country club, Daffy invites Bugs to it, where Bugs falls in love and goes on a date with a crazy, hyperactive bunny named Lola.

Jailbird and Jailbunny
S1, Ep3
May 17, 2011
Jailbird and Jailbunny
Daffy littering the Grand Canyon ultimately sends him and Bugs to jail, which Bugs grows a liking to, but Daffy hates. This causes some conflict when they get the chance to escape.

Fish and Visitors
S1, Ep4
May 24, 2011
Fish and Visitors
Bugs and Daffy's next door neighbor Yosemite Sam, installs some solar panels so he doesn't have to pay the electric company. But a heavy rain causes his house to lose power, forcing Sam to stay with Bugs and Daffy.

Monster Talent
S1, Ep5
May 31, 2011
Monster Talent
Gossamer, who it turns out is only a kid, isn't that popular at school, so Witch Hazel asks Daffy to help him after Daffy suggests that a "weirdo" like Gossamer can only be helped by another weirdo like himself.

S1, Ep6
Jun. 7, 2011
Daffy is invited to his high school reunion, which he doesn't want to go to because he peaked in high school. But there's one sure-fire way of making an impression at the reunion: lying.

Casa de Calma
S1, Ep7
Jun. 14, 2011
Casa de Calma
Bugs and Daffy take a vacation at a spa and resort where high jinks ensue, mainly revolving around a girl Daffy's attracted to.

Devil Dog
S1, Ep8
Jun. 21, 2011
Devil Dog
The Tasmanian Devil comes to Bugs's door, who mistakes him for a dog and keeps him. Antics ensue.

The Foghorn Leghorn Story
S1, Ep9
Jun. 28, 2011
The Foghorn Leghorn Story
Foghorn Leghorn is making a biopic about himself, and Daffy ends up being cast in the role, resulting in Foghorn finding a relic he's been looking for his whole life that the Tasmanian Devil just happened to dig up in Bugs's backyard.

Eligible Bachelors
S1, Ep10
Jul. 5, 2011
Eligible Bachelors
At a bachelors auction, Bugs ends up with Lola, and is taken to Paris by her, and Daffy ends up with Granny, but gets to hear an exciting spy story told by her.

Peel of Fortune
S1, Ep11
Jul. 12, 2011
Peel of Fortune
After learning about the invention that got Bugs rich, Daffy produces an improvement on it that ends up defective, sending him and Bugs into a financial crisis.

Double Date
S1, Ep12
Jul. 19, 2011
Double Date
When Daffy, through a bit of sabotage, wins a romantic dinner at a high end place, he must get advice from Lola in order to pick up another duck he met at the copy shop. This accidentally gets Lola to fall for Daffy.

To Bowl or Not to Bowl
S1, Ep13
Jul. 26, 2011
To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Daffy has found some bowling friends: Marvin, Pete, and Porky, who look up to him because of their stupidity. Bugs threatens to end that, which means problems when they enter a bowling tournament, which Bugs joins after Porky is hospitalized.

Newspaper Thief
S1, Ep14
Aug. 23, 2011
Newspaper Thief
Daffy has caused so much destruction in the neighborhood, that Bugs has thrown a dinner party so Daffy can say sorry. This won't be easy, as Daffy suspects one of the neighbors of newspaper thievery.

Bugs & Daffy Get a Job
S1, Ep15
Aug. 30, 2011
Bugs & Daffy Get a Job
Bugs gets a job alongside Porky at a boring office to cheer him up. Daffy also gets a job, but not one where he has to work. He gets a nose job.

That's My Baby
S1, Ep16
Sep. 6, 2011
That's My Baby

Sunday Night Slice
S1, Ep17
Sep. 13, 2011
Sunday Night Slice

S1, Ep18
Sep. 20, 2011
After they all get ticketed for moving violations, Daffy, Lola and Porky have to apply for new licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles while Bugs can't get a lift home.

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