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Baby Looney Tunes Complete Season 1 (Size: 8.37 GB)
 (Extra) Baby Looney Toons Music Video.mkv182.98 MB
 01. Taz in Toyland - (Song) Born to Sing - A Secret Tweet.mkv221.7 MB
 02. Comfort Level - (Song) Twinkle Baby Looney Star - Like a Duck to Water.mkv222.38 MB
 03. School Daze - (Song) Mary Had a Baby Duck - Things That Go Bugs in the Night.mkv223.51 MB
 04. The Creature from the Chocolate Chip - (Song) The Looney Riddle - Card Bored Box.mkv221.85 MB
 05. Time and Time Again - (Song) Does Your Tongue Hang Low - May the Best Taz Win.mkv221.36 MB
 06. Mine! - (Song) Over the Burrow - Sylvester the Pester.mkv221.05 MB
 07. Cat-Taz-Trophy - (Song) If You're Looney - Duck! Monster! Duck!.mkv220.2 MB
 08. The Brave Little Tweety - (Song) Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard - The Puddle...219.09 MB
 09. A Lot Like Lola - (Song) Elmer Had a Friend - Mother's Day Madness.mkv218.88 MB
 10. Takers Keepers - (Song) D-A-F-F-Y - To Tell the Tooth.mkv224.72 MB
 11. Spinout - (Song) Taz's Fridge - Snow Day.mkv217.84 MB
 12. Shadow of a Doubt - (Song) John Jacob Jingle Elmer Fudd - Christmas in July.mkv222.23 MB
 13. Bruce Bunny - (Song) Baby Bunny - Leader of the Pack.mkv221.6 MB
 14. Flower Power - (Song) Looney Tunes Zoo - Lightning Bugs Sylvester.mkv220.91 MB
 15. Flush Hour - (Song) Paws and Feathers - I Strain.mkv219.62 MB
 16. The Sandman is Coming - (Song) Ten Loonies in a Bed - Some Assembly Required.mkv221.74 MB
 17. All Washed Up - (Song) My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean - Did Not! Did Too!.mkv221.7 MB
 18. Tea and Basketball - (Song) Down by the Cage - Taz You Like It.mkv218.87 MB
 19. Band Together - (Song) Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone - War of the Wierds.mkv221.78 MB
 20. The Harder They Fall - (Song) The Hare Hid Under the Fountain - Business as Unusual.mkv219.12 MB
 21. Mr. McStuffles - (Song) Twinkle Baby Looney Star - Picture This!.mkv222.13 MB
 22. Hair Cut-Ups - (Song) Does Your Tongue Hang Low - A Clean Sweep.mkv219.72 MB
 23. Daffy Did It! - (Song) Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard - Pig Who Cried Wolf.mkv221.74 MB
 24. New Cat in Town - (Song) Baby Bunny - Magic of Spring.mkv219.64 MB
 25. Who Said That - (Song) Paws and Feathers - Let Them Make Cake.mkv217.99 MB
 26. For Whom the Toll Calls - (Song) John Jacob Jingle Elmer Fudd - Cereal Boxing.mkv221.23 MB
 27. Mind Your Manners - (Song) Down by the Cage - Petunia the Piggy Bank.mkv222.41 MB
 28. Pastime for Petunia - (Song) Looney Tunes Zoo - Pouting Match.mkv221.29 MB
 29. Wise Quacker - (Song) D-A-F-F-Y - Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!.mkv224.72 MB


This collection is a TVrip and has been arranged according to the lineup in Wiki. This also includes all the songs tracks in each episode. I added my own special music video that has all the songs in one place. I use to put it on for my daughters when they were younger and they loved it. Tested with VLC on PC and also on Xbox 360 using Playon server to stream content.

"Taz in Toyland / A Secret Tweet" 7 September 2002
When Taz keeps breaking most of his toys, Granny gives him a new one and he believes it is broken but Granny says that it is the toy's job.
Song: Born to Sing
Granny plans a surprise birthday party for Tweety

"Comfort Level / Like a Duck to Water" 14 September 2002
Sylvester loses his blanket so everyone helps him find it.
Song: Twinkle Baby Looney Star
Granny gives the babies swimming lessons but Daffy is afraid.

"School Daze / Things That Go Bugs in the Night" 18 September 2002
The babies pretend to go to school.
Song: Mary Had a Baby Duck
Granny leaves and lets Bugs be in charge since he's the oldest, but Taz goes missing.

"The Creature from the Chocolate Chip / Card Bored Box" 19 September 2002
Sylvester eats all the cookies and the babies tell Granny a monster did it.
Song: The Looney Riddle
Granny gives the babies a box to play in. They don't like it at first, then they fight over who's game is better, using the box to play in.

"Time and Time Again / May the Best Taz Win" 20 September 2002
Granny teaches the babies to tell the time.
Song: Does Your Tongue Hang Low
Bugs and Daffy fight over who's getting Lola on their badminton team.

"Mine! / Sylvester the Pester" 23 September 2002
Daffy steals Granny's purse.
Song: Over the Burrow
Sylvester keeps trying to stay out of bed with Granny.

"Cat-Taz-Trophy / Duck! Monster! Duck!" 24 September 2002
The babies have a car race to win a cookie trophy.
Song: If You're Looney
Daffy tells the babies a scary story that really scares them all.

"The Brave Little Tweety / The Puddle Olympics" 25 September 2002
The babies make Tweety brave.
Song: Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard
The babies have Olympics while Sylvester gets Granny to build him a bike.

"A Lot Like Lola / Mother's Day Madness" 26 September 2002
After misunderstanding a comment by Granny, Lola starts telling everyone their mistakes and saying that they should be like her. Everyone imitates Lola, which annoys her.
Song: Baby Elmer Had a Friend
The babies see who can make better Mother's Day cards.

"Takers Keepers / To Tell the Tooth" 27 September 2002
Daffy steals Taz's favourite toy but it ends up in the trash.
Song: D-A-F-F-Y
After Bugs loses his first tooth, Taz's tooth becomes loose and Daffy wants to steal it for money.

"Spinout / Snow Day" 30 September 2002
Taz loses his ability to spin and the babies help him learn how to once again.
Song: Taz's Fridge
The babies play in the snow and build a snowman.

"Shadow of a Doubt / Christmas in July" 1 October 2002
Tweety learns what a shadow is.
Song: John Jacob Jingle Elmer Fudd
The babies pretend it's Christmas to surprise Lola.

"Bruce Bunny / Leader of the Pack" 2 October 2002
Daffy makes fun of Bugs so Bugs decides to change his name and look.
Song: Baby Bunny
After being ignored, Daffy starts a club with a secret password.

"Flower Power / Lightning Bugs Sylvester" 3 October 2002
The babies all want to pick the best flowers for Granny.
Song: Looney Tunes Zoo
Sylvester learns to overcome his fear of lightning.

"Flush Hour / I Strain" 4 October 2002
The babies are afraid of the toilet, and don't know what it's for until they flood it and soon find out that it's an alternative to diapers.
Song: Paws and Feathers
Petunia can't stop watching TV.

"The Sandman is Coming / Some Assembly Required" 7 October 2002
The babies try to stop the Sandman from coming.
Song: Ten Loonies in a Bed
Bugs orders a new toy but it won't seem to come.

"All Washed Up / Did Not! Did Too!" 8 October 2002
The babies take a bath but Taz doesn't want to, so he hides.
Song: My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean
Lola and Bugs get into a big fight and refuse to talk to each other. so Taz, Daffy, Sylvester and Tweety try to get them to make up.

"Tea and Basketball / Taz You Like It" 9 October 2002
Sylvester likes to have tea parties while Lola likes to play basketball.
Song: Down by the Cage
No one wants to play with Taz so he hurts himself in order to get attention.

"Band Together / War of the Wierds" 10 October 2002
The babies hear Granny play her favourite music so they form a symphony.
Song: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone?
Marvin the Martian pays a visit to the babies, but no one likes him so Taz befriends Marvin to make him feel welcome. Then everyone else feels the same.

"The Harder They Fall / Business as Unusual" 11 October 2002
The babies all want to do roller skating except Bugs, who feels embarrassed about his lack of talent, but gives it a shot when Tweety goes sliding down.
Song: The Hare Hid Under the Fountain
When Daffy sees Bugs establish his own lemonade stand, he becomes his partner but doesn't do his fair share of work, so Daffy competes with his own stand.

"Mr. McStuffles / Picture This!" 14 October 2002
Daffy tries to keep his old Mr. McStuffles and yet never plays with it and would rather play with something better.
Song: Twinkle Baby Looney Star
In a fairy tale, pages of the book are missing, so the babies decide to recreate the pages of the story with drawings, Daffy, Tweety and Sylvester going a little off point.

"Hair Cut-Ups / A Clean Sweep" 15 October 2002
With Lola's hair getting in her eyes, Melissa attends to it with hair gel only for Lola to get laughed at. Granny arranges for a hairdressing appointment but Lola has second thoughts about it, until Granny coaxes her.
Song: Does Your Tongue Hang Low?
Everyone cleans up after themselves before nap time except for lazy Daffy. Daffy's biggest mess puts his and the others' visit to the park at stake.

"Daffy Did It! / Pig Who Cried Wolf" 16 October 2002
Tweety puts the blame on Daffy for every single incident caused by his antics. However Daffy's situation is more than it would seem.
Song: Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard
With no one but imaginary friends attending her tea parties, Petunia attracts the others attention with false alarms. She regrets this after the sink starts overflowing.

"New Cat in Town / Magic of Spring" 17 October 2002
Sylvester gets envious when his attention for being cute is replaced by Baby Pepe, but he comes to like him after Pepe shows affection for him.
Song: Baby Bunny
After Bugs' attempt to do magic tricks fails, he wanders into the countryside to view and experience the beauty of springtime, inspiring him to try again with his magic show.

"Who Said That? / Let Them Make Cake" 18 October 2002
Daffy learns a bad word from the garbage man and later uses it when he gets angry. He teaches it to his friends, and they use it on Granny. Surprised, she confronts Daffy and shows him effective ways to control his anger. NOTE; This episode did not air on cartoonito for its it being rude. However it did air in the uk in june 2011. Song: Paws and Feathers
Everybody wants to help Granny make a cake except Melissa who just wants to just eat it. Although Melissa misses out on the cake, she joins the others to make another one.

"For Whom the Toll Calls / Cereal Boxing" 28 October 2002
Feeling left out, Petunia and Tweety decide to call Granny's sister Auntie, but instead they call a long distance number, so Granny gives them walkie talkies to play with.
Song: John Jacob Jingle Elmer Fudd
The babies become obsessed eating boxes of cereal and gaining prizes when Sylvester receives his. They continue their eating until they get stomach aches. Lacking in cereal the babies eat oatmeal porridge the following morning.

"Mind Your Manners / Petunia the Piggy Bank" 29 October 2002
The babies practice some table manners to go on trip to a smart restaurant with Granny. Instead they make a mess. After cleaning up, Granny gives them lessons in preparation for the trip.
Song: Down by the Cage
The babies earn some money from Granny to purchase ice-cream, except for Petunia who is saving up. The ice-cream man soon introduces a delicious sundae only Petunia can afford and she shares it with everyone.

"Pastime for Petunia / Pouting Match" 18 November 2002
Melissa tries to find something for Petunia that she's good at. Although her attempts to play well fail, the others discover she is good at helpful assistance.
Song: Looney Tunes Zoo
Lola gets in the habit of pouting when she doesn't get her way. Fed up with her bratiness, the others mimic her pouting expressions, but begin to use them against each other, until Granny tells Lola about taking turns.

"Wise Quacker / Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!" 19 November 2002
Melissa picks up an idea from TV and begins cracking jokes at her friends, eventually upsetting Lola. After a talk with Granny, Melissa makes it up to her friends with comical speech.
Song: D-A-F-F-Y
Daffy believes he'll get some new toys in exchange for giving his old ones away not realising what is in store for sharing his stuff.

"Loose Change / Act Your Age" 20 November 2002
Sylvester becomes afraid of new changes as the babies and Granny try to widen variety and has no wish to join in the fun, until Granny shows Sylvester what he's missing.
Song: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone?
Sylvester, Bugs and Daffy all try to hog attention for Granny. To sort this out, Granny treats the three like they're younger than the others, prompting them to change.

"Who's Your Granny? / Tattletale" 21 November 2002
While Granny is recovering from a foot bunion, Lola takes charge. The babies soon get tired of Lola's decision making and they tire her out.
Song: If You're Looney and You Know It
Thinking it's the right thing, Lola tells on her friends for any misbehaviour. In response to her telltale antics, the babies refuse to play with her, but Lola settles the matter with an apology.

"Yolk's on You / Baby Gate" 22 November 2002
Daffy and Melissa stick together to play impractical jokes on the others. To get even, Lola demonstrates the consequences of an impractical joke to Daffy and Melissa.
Song: Baby Elmer Had a Friend
Melissa gossips tales of Taz to the others, whilst Bugs has doubts and tries to prove they aren't true. After proving Melissa wrong, she confesses her fibs.

"Never Say Try / Pair O' Dice Lost" 9 December 2002
After failed attempts of flying a kite, blowing bubblegum and dancing, Sylvester is inclined to give up new activities altogether, until the others trick him into trying finger painting.
Song: Taz's Fridge
Daffy spoils everyone elses fun since he can't keep up with them and Bugs points out Daffy cannot even finish a single task. Granny rewards Daffy in return for trying to the finish even when things can't always go the way he wants them.

"Melissa the Hero / Trouble with Larry" 16 December 2002
After helping Petunia's doll, Melissa brags on about being heroic by making up parts of what actually happened, annoying Petunia. However Melissa is in a tight spot when she has retell the story to everyone.
Song: My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean
Because Petunia feels too shy to decline a game with her friends, she invents an imaginary friend called Larry, which makes the others nervous. They invent their own imaginary friends to snap Petunia out of it.

"The Littlest Tweety / In Bugs We Trust" 23 December 2002
Tweety feels distressed from being pushed around and overlooked because of his small size, but everyone else starts to regret it after they can't manage without him.
Song: Over the Burrow
Everyone goes along with Bugs' decisions until he is entrusted to buy a new net for everyone, when his greed gets the better of him and he disappoints them with toys he wanted for himself. He makes up for this by giving up one of his best toys for the necessary money.

"Cool for Cats / Time Out!" 26 December 2002
Sylvester believes he lacks coolness and thinks he can get it by eating Chewy Chomps he saw on a commercial, but all it does is make his breath stink.
Song: Ten Loonies in a Bed
After misbehaving, Granny gives Taz, Daffy and Bugs a time out. Each time the three try to make up for it, their discipline is extended.

"Present Tense / The Neat and the Sloppy" 30 December 2002
Today is Arbor day and everyone wants to give Granny something special, but Lola wants do that by herself. When the others see the trouble Lola is having, they give her a helping hand.
Song: The Hare Hid Under the Fountain
Daffy spreads a muddy mess around the house horrifying the tidy Sylvester. Bugs manages to snap Sylvester out of his mania for cleanliness, leaving Daffy to clean his own mess.

"Tell-a-Photo / Move It!" 31 December 2002
(Clip show episode) Granny shows to the babies a photo album and they reminisce their past times together.
Song: Born to Sing
(Clip show episode) The babies overhear what they assume is that Granny is moving to a new house and they reminisce the times they enjoyed inside the house. It is revealed that all Granny wants to move around and not move to a new house.

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