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Install instructions:1. Run "patch_stasis_2.1.0.6.exe"2. PlayPLEASE REMEMBER TO SEED, MANY OTHERS WANT THIS GAME! :)If you like this game, support the developers and BUY IT!Change log:Patch​• Made sure Largest font scales on all resolutions.​• FIXED 1.0.7 SAVE GAME BUG​• Altered mouse clicking loop pause.​• Removed selection highlighter when scrolling through save games.​• Spelling change: Retracts.​• Fixed bug causing John to walk out of Jupiter passage.​• Changed color of cryopreservation fluid container.​• Removed descriptions when game state changes in hanger room.​• Added 3 different options of font size. Added ability to make more font sizes.​• Added additional animation when John interacts with Yuri.​• Increased interactive area when walking into clone vats.​• Fixed bug when coming back into annex.​• Increased Dr Malans walking speed from 60 - 75to avoid sliding.​• Increased size of trigger area for Stasis storage room door trigger.​• Moved door trigger to 'my heart' dialog.​• Fixed Russian and Polish missing text logs for Akiza Tenschu​• Added text size control driven by Stasis Config Tool.​• Reset minimum timing from 10ms to 50ms to avoid pause errors.​• Added in loop to push timing events that may skip because of faster cards and refresh rates.​• Fixed VSync issues encountered with Omega Series and Catalyst 15 (from AMD) cards. Tested on older NVidia drivers as well.​• No errors on Mac VSync/Refresh rates - but newer version with changes will still be built for Mac.​• Fixed missing descriptions in decontamination room.​• Forced control return when elevator platform moves on gangway in Seed.​• Added in command to make sure that new text size loads in older save games.​• Remove desorption's on power cells after interaction​• Redo menu screen (updated graphics and removing options menu - options are now adjusted in the Stasis Config Tool)​• Removed 'Sound Volume Control' from General System as it is replaced by Stasis Config Tool commands.​• Altered following graphics and text locations to allow for new next sizes:​• Tram Terminal, Tram Control, Tram Line Box, Tram Power Box, Specimen Transport Containers, Pod Control, Retinal Scanner​• Took out frames of security camera from older build​• Increased Exit Area in Crew Quarters Corridor B​• Got rid of odd 1's - (being caused by 'At beginning of scene;{_' in Medical and Hydroponics. Only found in Russian and Polish.​• Change credits with updated names​• Made smaller steps in background sounds fading out during dialog (from 5 to 10)​• Took out Menu Access when viewing pod panels in Product Storage Medical. Added in check to ensure John regains movement in room.​• Removed menu access during Surgery Loading Screen​• Took out 'mouse reset loop' during Helix sections​• Altered dialog spacing to fit larger text in Specimen Transport pod​• Added reduncancy check to surgery scene to give back control after surgery​• Altered 'MainFontSMALL' as it was causing issues with random numbers appearing (size and colour)​• Changed version number to graphic instead of text​• Old EXIT button wasnt working with old save games - fixed

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