Rocket League 1.05 Online MP (REVOLT V2) [EzCoka].zip

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Rocket League 1.05 Online MP (REVOLT V2) [EzCoka].zip (Size: 2.23 GB)
 Rocket League 1.05 Online MP [EzCoka].zip2.23 GB


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2.23 GB
Rocket League 1.05 Online MP (REVOLT V2) [EzCoka].zip


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To all those saying that it doesn't work, you're wrong.
Extract it, goto Binaries/win32 and run RocketLeague as administrator.
its saying now that i cant connect to rocket league servers???
Please follow rocket league on twitter or reddit, they have server problems at the moment.

Edit: it's working again :)
wow i like it
who doesnt?
So i found how to keep your saves in case your account got blacklisted, and had to create a new one.
I think this will happen if you were using a different crack before. anyway, if you start as a lvl 1, do as I say)

Start the Game, and then close it.

Go to My Documents -> My Ganes -> Rocket League -> TAGame -> Save Data -> DBE_Production

there you will find some .save files

Categorize them by Date Modified so you dont mess up.

there will be some old ones, from the last time you played with the previous update, and some new ones, from this time with the new update.

MOVE the NEW ones to a new folder, so what you are going to do next will be easier.

RENAME the OLD ones, to have the name of the NEW ones.
they have names like this (76561198218379395_1)
the game reads only the ones with a specific name, so we have to trick it into reading our old saves.

Thats it.

Good Luck
I found another way :D You can just go to the game folder -> Binaries -> Win32 and search for REVOLT.ini

There you can change the value of

# SteamUserID = 0

To whatever you were using as a crack before this update. to do that, read some lines below where it says:

# Set the specific location of save games

it has values with their assosiated cracks.

Good Luck
I'm glad you leaved a thumbs up
i forget
Still not understanding. Can you be a bit more specific? I see several ID's. REALOADED, CODEX, and STEAM ID. What do you put into them? I dont know which version I used last time and it doesnt say.
"If you get an error like "Shit your account has been blacklisted" simply create a new steamaccount or use another."

This doesnt sound very appealing.....
Thats not my fault, rocket league had all steamaccounts blacklisted that used a crack before..