Pillars of Eternity Draining Enchantment Fix

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Patch 2.01 claimed to have fixed the draining enchantment missing from weapons after reloading the game,and is suppose to be retroactive.I assume it did for many,but not all.The problem is some people are missing the draining.unity3d file from their objectbundle folder.Well here is the file for those who are missing it.
Draining Weapons: This list may not be complete.
Blesca's Labor
Edge of Reason
Gaun's Share
The Rose of Salthollow

1.Place the draining.unity3d file in your objectbundle folder.
2.Load the game.Find a container,and place the weapons that lost the drain effect inside.Save the game and reload....or place inside a container leave the area(through a door)and then return to the container.
3.Enjoy.The weapons will not lose the effect again.

Other Thoughts: I just noticed that there are new patches available for POE, and The White March.I do not know if the new patches address the missing draining enchantment as I haven't patched my game yet.My game version is v2.01.0721 PX1.

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