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Mott The Hoople - Discography: The Ian Hunter Years (1969-1974) Remasters & Extras V0 > Classic 70s Hard Rock # DrBN (Size: 1.56 GB)
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] You Really Got Me.mp35.74 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] At The Crossroads.mp310.75 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Laugh At Me.mp311.88 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Backsliding Fearlessly.mp37.73 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Rock And Roll Queen.mp311.01 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Rabbit Foot And Toby Time.mp34.53 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] Half Moon Bay.mp319.47 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] Wrath And Wroll.mp33.61 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] Ohio (Live) -.mp37.81 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] Find Your Way (Instrumental) -.mp35.66 MB
 Front.jpg3.83 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] Thunderbuck Ram.mp39.29 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] No Wheels To Ride.mp311.31 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] You Are One Of Us.mp34.83 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Walkin' With A Mountain.mp38.51 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] I Can Feel.mp312.69 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Threads Of Iron.mp39.22 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] When My Mind's Gone.mp310.32 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] I Would Be A Pleasure.mp33.26 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] How Long- (Death May Be Your Santa Claus) -.mp37.8 MB
 Front.jpg3.15 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] Whiskey Women.mp37.32 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] Angel of Eighth Avenue.mp38.23 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Wrong Side of the River.mp311.61 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Waterlow.mp34.94 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Lay Down.mp38.61 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] It Must Be Love.mp35.12 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] Original Mixed Up Kid.mp37.21 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] Home is Where I Want to Be.mp38.25 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] Keep 'A Knockin'.mp322.15 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] It'll Be Me.mp36.03 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] Death May Be Your Santa Claus.mp39.62 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] Your Own Backyard.mp37.65 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Darkness, Darkness.mp37.71 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] The Journey.mp316.65 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Sweet Angeline.mp39.17 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Second Love.mp36.27 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] The Moon Upstairs.mp39.24 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception.mp32.55 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] Midnight Lady.mp36.22 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] The Journey (Alternate Version) -.mp316.58 MB
 Front.jpg2.15 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] Sweet Jane.mp37.83 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] Momma's Little Jewel.mp38.93 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] All The Young Dudes.mp37.35 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Sucker.mp39.64 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Jerkin' Crocus.mp38.28 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] One Of The Boys.mp313.83 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] Soft Ground.mp36.59 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] Ready For Love - After Lights.mp312.56 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] Sea Diver.mp35.03 MB
 Front.jpg2.26 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] All The Way From Memphis.mp39.32 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] Whizz Kid.mp36.28 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Hymn For The Dudes.mp39.29 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Honaloochie Boogie.mp35.11 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Violence.mp38.67 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Drivin' Sister.mp37.18 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] Ballad Of Mott The Hoople.mp39.32 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] I'm A Cadillac - El Camino Dolo Roso.mp313.91 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] I Wish I Was Your Mother.mp38.53 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] Rose (Non-LP B-Side of ''Honaloochie Boogie'') -.mp36.21 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll.mp36.27 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] Marionette.mp39.24 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Alice.mp39.7 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Crash Street Kidds.mp38.53 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] Born Late '58.mp37.54 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Trudi's Song.mp37.67 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] Pearl 'N' Roy (England).mp38.52 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] Through The Looking Glass.mp37.86 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] Roll Away The Stone.mp35.76 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] Where Do You All Come From (B-Side Of ''Roll Away The...5.74 MB
 01 - Intro-Jupiter from ''The Planets''.mp31.47 MB
 02 - American Pie-The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll.mp38.05 MB
 03 - Sucker.mp313.36 MB
 04 - Roll Away The Stone-Sweet Jane.mp37.97 MB
 05 - Rest In Peace.mp311.19 MB
 06 - All The Way From Memphis.mp310.96 MB
 07 - Born Late '58.mp310.54 MB
 08 - One Of The Boys.mp311.1 MB
 09 - Hymn For The Dudes.mp310.8 MB
 10 - Marionette.mp39.9 MB
 01 - Intro-Jupiter from ''The Planets''.mp31.72 MB
 02 - Drivin' Sister.mp37.76 MB
 03 - Sucker.mp312.72 MB
 04 - Sweet Jane.mp310.6 MB
 05 - Sweet Angeline.mp313.66 MB
 06 - Rose.mp38.28 MB
 07 - Roll Away The Stone.mp36.97 MB
 08 - All The Young Dudes.mp37.92 MB
 09 - Medley.mp333.12 MB
 10 - Walking With A Mountain.mp318.48 MB
 Front.jpg108.16 KB
 1. Introduction.mp32.87 MB
 10. Jerkin' Crocus-One Of The Boys.mp311.14 MB
 11. Rock 'n' Roll Queen.mp39.23 MB
 12. Angeline.mp37.79 MB
 2. Drivin' Sister.mp34.86 MB
 3. Sucker.mp39.08 MB
 4. Sweet Jane.mp38.37 MB
 5. Hymn For the Dudes.mp38.73 MB
 6. Ready For Love.mp314.82 MB
 7. All The Way From Memphi.mp37.07 MB
 01. Jupiter Theme.mp32.7 MB
 02. Drivin' Sister.mp34.92 MB
 03. Sucker.mp37.85 MB
 04. Sweet Jane.mp37.1 MB
 05. Hymn For The Dudes.mp36.93 MB
 06. All The Way From Memphis.mp36.8 MB
 07. Angeline.mp37.85 MB
 08. Rose.mp35.04 MB
 09. All The Young Dudes.mp35.42 MB
 10. Jerkin' Crocus - One Of The Boys.mp311.6 MB
 01 - American Pie.mp32.1 MB
 02 - The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll.mp34.93 MB
 03 - Sucker.mp310.1 MB
 04 - Roll Away The Stone-Sweet Jane.mp36.88 MB
 05 - Rest In Peace.mp39.59 MB
 06 - Here Comes The Queen.mp37.24 MB
 07 - One Of The Boys.mp39.04 MB
 08 - Born Late '58.mp37.38 MB
 09 - Hymn For The Dudes.mp37.51 MB
 10 - Marionette.mp39.05 MB
 01 - American Pie.mp31.71 MB
 02 - Golden Age Of Rock And Roll.mp34.19 MB
 03 - Roll Away The Stone - Sweet Jane.mp35.64 MB
 04 - Lounge Lizard.mp36.67 MB
 05 - Rest In Peace.mp38.44 MB
 06 - Angel No 9.mp38.77 MB
 07 - Born Late 58.mp38.23 MB
 08 - One Of The Boys.mp38.7 MB
 09 - All The Way From Memphis.mp36.78 MB
 10 - Rose.mp35.91 MB
 01 Once Bitten, Twice Shy.mp310.87 MB
 02 Who Do You Love.mp38.84 MB
 03 Lounge Lizard.mp310.38 MB
 04 Boy.mp320.42 MB
 05 3000 Miles from Here.mp36.44 MB
 06 Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But the Truth.mp314.3 MB
 07 It Ain't Easy When You Fall-Shades Off.mp313.22 MB
 08 I Get So Excited.mp38.83 MB
 09 Colwater High.mp37.36 MB
 10 One Fine Day.mp35.44 MB
 (01) [Mott The Hoople] Ohio.mp38.26 MB
 (02) [Mott The Hoople] No Wheels To Ride.mp312.62 MB
 (03) [Mott The Hoople] Rock 'N' Roll Queen.mp38.26 MB
 (04) [Mott The Hoople] Thunderbuck Ram.mp37.98 MB
 (05) [Mott The Hoople] When My Mind's Gone.mp310.1 MB
 (06) [Mott The Hoople] Keep 'A' Knockin.mp312.41 MB
 (07) [Mott The Hoople] You Really Got Me.mp315.5 MB
 (08) [Mott The Hoople] Long Red -.mp39.04 MB
 (09) [Mott The Hoople] The Original Mixed-Up Kid -.mp37.99 MB
 (10) [Mott The Hoople] Walking With A Mountain -.mp314.84 MB
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Mott The Hoople


The Ian Hunter Years






Discography 1969-1974:

#1 Mott The Hoople (1969)

#2 Mad Shadows (1970)

#3 Wildlife (1971)

#4 Brain Capers (1971)

#5 All The Young Dudes (1972)

#6 Mott (1973)

#7 The Hoople (1974)

#8 Live (1974) 2CD



#9 [Fairfield Halls, Live 1970] Croydon, England, Sep. 13th, 1970

#10 [Too Bad] Felt Forum, New York City, August 3rd, 1973

#11 [Very Flash...Very Rude!] Winterland, San Francisco, CA, Sep. 28th, 1973

#12 [Rest In Peace] Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, April 13th, 1974

#13 [European Ending] Olympen, Lund, Sweden, October 10th, 1974


#14 Ian Hunter - Ian Hunter (1975) [1st Solo Album]

15 CDs / VBR-V0 & VBR

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