Evil Twins (2013) Season 2

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 Evil Twins - S02E03 - Double Barrel.mp4336.34 MB
 Evil Twins - S02E04 - Donte And Dante's Inferno.mp4340.34 MB
 Evil Twins - S02E01 - Trust Fund Terror.mp4371.73 MB


Evil Twins (2013) Season 2 - Investigation Discovery

There’s something oddly fascinating about twins. Maybe it’s the secret languages they create, their identical façade, or the claim that one can feel when the other is hurt. But when one twin turns bad, does the other stay pure of heart? Channeling sibling rivalries and deadly childhood pacts, EVIL TWINS follows true-crime mysteries surrounding real-life cases of these evil archetypes. Each episode reveals shocking stories of twins on the edge, from sleeping with their sibling’s husband then setting them up for murder to stealing their identity and even coming back from the dead.

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Blood Brothers

A young woman is raped and murdered, and the case drags on for seven years. Twins, Brian and Alfred Calzacorto, become suspects when DNA puts them at the scene. But, identical twins with identical DNA mean authorities can't say prove who is guilty.

Sisters in Silence

Identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons were black girls living in the white world of Wales, UK. Subjected to prejudice and abuse they started living in safe silence. Eventually the silent pair were pushed too far, and they set their world ablaze.

Tribe Of Two

Joel and Michael Stoval is an identical twin pair, one of the brothers (Joel) actually did two consequent murder: killed the sheriff’s deputy, shot and paralyzed a Florence police officer is in the effort to reduce his sentence. Joel Stoval and his brother, Michael, both were found guilty during the shooting spree in 2001 and were sentenced to life plus of 896 years. For this case, Michael did not show any sign of protesting and accepts the sentenced, but vice versa for Joel. He is arguing about his sentence and claimed that he was forced to sign the guilty plea by his attorney.

Double Barrell

An officer is murdered in cold blood by identical twins Joel and Michael Stovall. The heavily armed and highly dangerous duo soon hijack a pickup and lead law enforcement on a
stunning, high-speed shootout through the Colorado mountains. The 60-mile chase finally ends with a dramatic standoff.

Dante and Donte's Inferno

Twin brothers are convicted of using a date-rape drug to assault women.

Trust Fund Terror

Identical twins Tim and Todd Nicholson were born with Hollywood good looks and matching trust funds. They lived fast and one would die at young, at the hand of his own brother. Tim and Todd’s relationship was so explosive, they earned the nick-name T-n-T in grammar school. With a mother who never bothered to tell them apart, and a father who taught them how to drink and be playboys at age eight, theirs is a tale of too much money and too little love.

Twisted Sisters

Twin sisters Betty and Peggy were born into a poor family in rural Alabama. Fear of their tyrannical father brought the girls close together, but life pulled them apart as adults. Peggy became the perfect, pious homemaker while Betty lived a glamorous life filled with sex and booze. But one dark night a terrible murder would bring these twin sisters back together again, and an entire town will be stretched to the breaking point. A shocking murder-for-hire plot is revealed -- with twins Betty and Peggy front and center. And only the hit man knows which twin is guilty.

Roofie Romeos

Identical twins, George and Stefan Spitzer, were reared in the dark shadow of Communist Romania. Together they would move to Hollywood to pursue their silver screen dreams.
But when those dreams turned to dust, the Spitzer twins exacted their revenge - using sex, drugs, violence, and videotape.

Two Kings of London: Reg and Ron Kray

Identical brothers Reg and Ron Kray were raised on the mean streets of East London. Using their fists, they became the most notorious twin gangsters in England. For two decades, the Krays lived the highlife. But, these identical twins had a twisted connection that ultimately destroyed them both.

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