Deadly Devotion (2013) Season 1

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Deadly Devotion (2013) Season 1 - Investigation Discovery

Hidden among the seemingly peaceful suburbs of America, there lies a bizarre patchwork of unique subcultures and secret societies - extraordinary communities that live on the periphery according to their own set of rules, rituals, and traditions. From renegade Amish sects and New Age cults to centuries-old Gypsy clans, each episode transports viewers into the dark underbelly of a fascinating and foreign world. Deadly Devotion recounts the gripping and unpredictable true stories of everyday people on the search for a sense of belonging in these strange worlds, and end up paying a fatal price.

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1. Murder in Amish Country

Katie Gingerich's isolated Old Order Amish community is unequipped to protect her as her own husband careens towards a deranged and horrifying act of violence that rocks the peaceful Amish community to its core. One of the 3 Amish murders ever documented.

2. The Bad Samaritans

Spiritual seeker Allen Ross finds purpose in life when he joins a New Age cult called the Samaritans. But when charismatic leader Linda Greene convinces him to move into their
Oklahoma monastery, Allen enters a dark, secret world and may never escape.

3. Highway to Hell

When a mysterious biker invites single mother Cynthia Garcia to an exclusive party at the Hells Angels clubhouse, she unwittingly enters a secret and dangerous world... with a sacred code that the outlaw bikers would kill to uphold.

4. The Preacher's Wives

Joy Risker is young, in love and following God's plan when she becomes the second wife of a dynamic Christian Polygamist pastor, Sean Goff - who will go to any length keep Joy's
independent streak from threatening his fledgling polygamist flock.

5. Temple of Doom

20-year-old Steve Bryant thinks he's found his calling among the peaceful, robe-wearing Hare Krishna community. But when he defies a despotic renegade guru, Bryant learns that
ultimate devotion has a dark and deadly side.

6. Fatal Healing

Kirby Brown, an adventurous artist is drawn to self-help guru, James Arthur Ray. Kirby and others gather in the desert for an intense, cleansing spiritual retreat, submitting to their leader as he encourages to "die and be reborn".

7. Gypsy Seduction

At 85 yrs. old, lifelong bachelor Andrew Vlasto spontaneously marries a beautiful and much younger woman who draws him into the shadowy world of a notorious Romani gypsy crime
clan, where seduction is a deadly weapon.

8. Killer Party

Misfit Andre "Angel" Melendez moves to New York City, longing to belong to the outrageous party world of Michael Alig's Club Kids, and instead finds a dark and menacing underground
scene where fame and drug addiction have tragic consequences.

9. Bet Your Life

Beautiful socialite Doris Angleton savours the perks of being married to the King Bookie of Houston's underground gambling world, but finds out just how high the stakes are when she
meddles deeper into his illicit kingdom

10. Mormon Murders

The loving Avery family is looking for spiritual guidance when they are warmly welcomed by an offshoot Mormon community run by a mesmerizing leader. But little does anyone know he has apocalyptic visions and a group of zealous followers willing to carry out his every command.

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