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Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2016) Season 1 - Starz Network - MP4 (Size: 2.81 GB)
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 Ash.Vs.Evil.Dead.S01E05.The.Host.mp4250.5 MB
 Ash.Vs.Evil.Dead.S01E06.Killer.Of.All.Killers.mp4244.52 MB
 Ash.vs.Evil.Dead.S01E07.Fire.In.The.Hole.mp4242.58 MB
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Ash vs Evil Dead (2015) Season 1 - Starz Network

When a plague threatens mankind, a chainsaw-handed hero reluctantly re-ups to save the world in this sort-of sequel to the 1981 cult horror film. This a first of a 10 part series and based on the Evil Dead Trilogy that was so popular over the years. At press time: 12/12/2015 it has been announced there will be a Season 2 during 2016 due to the popularity of this show. Ash Rocks!

Genre: Horror
Network: Starz
Premiere Date: Oct 31, 2015
Creator: Sam Raimi
Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert, Craig DiGregorio
Producers: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert, Aaron Lam

IMDB Ratings: 9.2/10 from 9,744 users

Average Video Stats:

Format: MPEG-4
Codec ID: mp42
File size: 243 MB
Duration: 25mn 31s
Bit rate: 1 201 Kbps
Width: 768 pixels
Height: 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 23.976 fps

Special Note. Debut episode El Jefe Episode 1 is 45 minutes long and Episode 10 season finale is 37 minutes long, but all remaining episodes will around 30 minutes each episode.

1. El Jefe

In the series premiere, a chainsaw-handed hero reluctantly must save the world when his act of stupidity unleashes evil and mayhem. It's been 30 years since Ash last battled the Deadites, but now a Deadite plague threatens and he must act.

2. Bait

Ash and Pablo help Kelly with some family issues, while the police put out an APB on Ash and Fisher follows leads on her own. Guest starring: Mimi Rogers.

November 7, 2015

3. Books From Beyond

Ash, Pablo, and Kelly try to summon some help with the hindrance of Fisher. Ruby gets closer to the book.

November 14, 2015

4. Brujo

After setting more evil loose from the book Ash, Pablo and Kelly head to Pablo's uncles house for some answers. Meanwhile Amanda and Ruby find that they have something in common.

November 21, 2015

5. The Host

Kelly places the team in jeopardy; Pablo makes a courageous move; and Ash turns over a new leaf, revealing a new side to his character.

November 28, 2015

6. The Killer of All Killers

Ash realizes where he has to go to end the Deadite menace, but the Deadites have other plans. Meanwhile, Amanda loses Ruby and tracks down the trio on her own.

December 5, 2015

7. Fire In The Hole

Ash and the others turn to Lem's survivalist group for help. However, by the time the Deadite fighters get there, it's too late. Meanwhile, Ruby discovers that Ash's severed hand is missing.

From start to finish, “Fire in the Hole” is a non-stop war movie with a horror twist that services the Evil Dead franchise perfectly. Through this episode, we’ve now seen that despite what popular opinion may have us believe, there’s still much to be done by way of deadite action. Good thing too considering this show, likely, has many, many more years of story ahead of it.

December 12, 2015

8. Ashes to Ashes

Ash attempts to bury the book to end the Evil, but first he must contend with other, more physical things from his past. Fisher faces a horrific change in Ash. Ash goes back to the cabin where it all started 30 years ago and runs into his ex-girlfriend. All hell breaks loose when a demon, who duplicates Ash, appears on the scene.

December 18, 2015

9. Bound In Flesh

After dealing with the Necronomicon's newest evil, Ash sends Pablo and Kelly to take the hikers to safety while he disposes of the body. While they meet with Ruby, Ash learns that his plan may not do what he hoped.

December 25, 2015

10. The Dark One - Season Finale

On the season one finale of the Evil Dead spin-off series, a last-ditch effort to rid the world of the Evil could leave Ash (Bruce Campbell) a changed man, as well as changing mankind forever.

January 2, 2016

Note: Due to this first season's popularity, Sam Raimi announced there will be a season 2 next year. I rarely post fictional TV series but I have owned The Evil Dead Trilogy for years and was so looking forward to this TV series. Enjoy!

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