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 American.Justice.E232.Double.Life.Double.Murder.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E228.Murder.And.Mrs.B.avi350.03 MB
 American.Justice.E222.Childs.Play Deadly.Play.avi349.49 MB
 American.Justice.E212.Playing.With.Fire.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E219.Daughter.Dearest.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E236.Who.Whacked.Zack.avi349.97 MB
 American.Justice.E251.The.Bridge.Murders.avi349.84 MB
 MAFIA 1x03 The Kennedys and the Mob_x264.mp4378.02 MB
 MAFIA 1x04 Unions and the Mob_x264.mp4370.85 MB
 MAFIA 1x05 Empire of Crime_x264.mp4371.98 MB
 MAFIA 1x02 Birth of the American Mafia_x264.mp4330.99 MB
 MAFIA 1x01 The Prohibition Year_x264.mp4375.57 MB
 American.justice.E142.Free.To.Murder.Again.avi350 MB
 Death Penalty.American Justice 1980.avi350.24 MB
 American.Justice.E207.Dont.Mess.With.Texas.avi341.34 MB
 American.Justice.E204.The.Wells.Fargo.Heist.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E149.Dealing.With.The.Devil.avi350 MB
 American.Justice.E168.A.Mother's.Story.of.Murder.avi350.02 MB MB
 American.Justice.E143.the.Wife.Who.Knew.Too.Much.avi350.01 MB
 American.Justice.E109.A.Teenage.Murder.Mystery.avi349.45 MB
 American.Justice.E089.The.Hillside.Stranglers.avi349.78 MB
 American.Justice.E102.The.Sam.Sheppard.Story.avi349.46 MB MB
 American.Justice.E176.Brutal.Revenge.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E187.Justifiable.Homicide.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E191.A.Murder.Before.Homecoming.avi350.02 MB
 American.Justice.E183.Crib.Death.avi350.02 MB


American Justice (1992-2008) A & E Episodes Collection

For over ten years, AMERICAN JUSTICE has been the gold standard of criminal justice programming, tackling today's toughest issues through the cases that challenge and change the law. Famous cases that have been featured on the show include the Scott Peterson case, Atlanta child murders, Central Park jogger incident, the Hillside stranglers, and the Wells Fargo heist.

Told by key players from police to the victims to the perpetrators, it offers a rare, inside view of the criminal justice process that enables viewers to understand the complex legal principles at stake.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis and produced by Towers Productions, American Justice has been hailed as "presenting ... an insightful perspective on the most controversial aspects of criminal law in the nation."

Note: I present to you my friends 38 episodes of my collection of the very popular American Justice episodes shown on A & E hosted by Bill Curtis. Most of these were my favorites and very hard to find anymore. Hope you enjoy my collection of hard to find true crime episodes and please seed for the future.

Episode 142: Free To Murder

The notorious case of Kenneth McDuff, the most infamous sexual predator in Texas history, who was sent to death row for three murders, released because of prison overcrowding, and then raped and killed two more women.

Episode 143: The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Story of high-profile Atlanta lawyer Fred Tokars, who hired a gunman to murder his wife in front of their two young children. Tokars, who sought to collect $2-million in life insurance and stop his wife from exposing his illegal drug-dealing activities, is serving a life sentence--and the insurance money was awarded to the children.

Episode 149: Dealing With The Devil

The incredible story of Marion Pruett, a "mad-dog killer" who went on a murder spree while he was in the government's witness protection program. This documentary features footage of Pruett two weeks before he was executed and interviews with his victims' relatives and the government official who put him in the witness protection program.

Episode 168: A Mothers Story Of Murder

A look at the case of Debra Jean Milke, on death row in Arizona for arranging the murder of her 4-year-old son. Prosecutors say Milke had the little boy killed because she considered him an "inconvenience". But Milke claims her conviction hinges on the unsupported word of one police officer and the vengeful testimony of embittered family members.

Episode 169: Murder In A Small Town

One strange day in a quintessential small southern town, Alvin Ridley reported the death of his wife in the early hours of the morning--a wife nobody in Ringgold, Georgia, knew that he had! With a reputation for paranoid and reclusive behavior, Ridley lived with his wife Virginia in a dilapidated house on the edge of town for 30 years without anyone knowing she existed. Did she die suddenly in her sleep as a result of an epileptic attack, or had she been suffocated by a pillow?

Episode 170: Millions Of Reasons To Kill

A 21-year-old California man is suspected of hiring a hitman to kill his parents and sister in order to gain financial control of the family's estate. The Kid was having dinner with his fiance's father, an FBI agent, at the time of the murders.

Episode 176: Brutal Revenge

When a beautiful young San Antonio mother is killed in front of her four babies, the trail leads to her wealthy ex-husband and a bungling gang of hired hit men.

Episode 178: Suicide By Execution

The astonishing story of Daniel Colwell, a man who wanted to die but lacked the resolve to commit suicide. Instead, he shot and killed a middle-aged couple that he selected at random in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the hopes that he would receive the death penalty. His attorneys say there may not be another case like it in the annals of criminal justice.

Episode 180: While The Children Slept

Tim Boczkowski, a well-liked member of a community near Pittsburgh, is accused of murdering his first wife in a bathtub and his second wife in a hot tub. Includes interviews with Tim's children Randy, Sandy, and Todd.

Episode 182: Vanished

A local bad boy in a California town, once a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, is suspected of a similar crime 13 years later.

Episode 89: Hillside Stranglers

An examination of the infamous case of serial killers Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, who murdered 10 young women and girls in Los Angeles in 1977 and 1978. They used tactics such as luring young women into thinking they were going to be famous models and actresses.

Episode 109: A Teenage Murder Mystery

On the night of December 20, 1991, 16-year-old Laurie Show's mother found her lying in a pool of blood with a rope around her neck. Under the rope, a gaping wound spanned ear to ear. Laurie's last words, "Michelle did it," led to the arrest of Lisa Michelle Lambert. But what seemed to be an open and shut case would go on until 1998!

Episode 183: Crib Death?

A woman accuses her ex-husband of murdering their baby. Is it a tale of a woman scorned, or the chilling story of a cold-blooded child killer?

Episode 204: The Wells Fargo Heist

In the end, the case would change the way the death penalty worked in nine states. But long before it got to that point, it was about a big score...the daring daylight heist of an armored van carrying over half a million in cash. After the crooks killed the driver and got away clean, an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse surveillance eventually snared a former bounty hunter possessing suspicious connections and a duffel bag containing over $271,000 in cash!

Episode 207: Don't Mess With Texas

The man convicted of killing a Texas Ranger more than 25 years ago speaks on national television for the first time. Greg Ott's tortured journey through the justice system poses two questions: Is he guilty, and if so, what is the fair punishment for killing an officer of the law?

Episode 212: Playing With Fire

Kenny Richey is scheduled to die for setting a fire designed to kill his ex-girlfriend that wound up killing a 2-year-old child. But with no witnesses and the little existing physical evidence tainted by investigators, Richey's was not an open-and-shut arson case. Seventeen years later, Scottish-born Richey, represented by an ineffective public defender at trial, continues to proclaim his innocence from a death-row cell in Ohio. But his execution may be only months away and time is running out.

Episode 227: Childs Play, Deadly Play

Lionel Tate was a 170-pound, 12-year-old boy who played rough one day with his friend, 48-pound, 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick. When Tiffany died from injuries, Lionel claimed that he only used wrestling holds that he'd seen on TV. But prosecutors charged Lionel with first-degree murder. Would the jury believe that Tiffany died of innocent child's play--or would they put Lionel behind bars? Interviewees include defense attorney James Lewis, who used the controversial "wrestling defense" strategy.

Episode 231: A Model Murder

Linda Sobek, a pretty, vivacious Los Angeles model turns up missing after a photo shoot. The police investigation leads to photographer Charles Rathbun, who, after much back-and-forth, says he killed her by accident. But the marks on Linda's body tell a different story.

Episode 232: Double Life, Double Murder

In November 1995, close friends Halima Jones and Ruby Joyner went out shopping together in Peachtree City, Georgia, but never came home. An all-out manhunt was launched, and four days later, an abandoned mini-van was found in the long-term parking lot at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, with the dead bodies of Halima and Ruby inside. Following a labyrinth of clues and evidence, police named Ruby's husband, Lewis Joyner as their prime suspect. The jury at his trial found Lewis guilty of the murder of his wife, but their wasn't enough evidence to find him guilty in the shooting of Halima Jones. Lewis Joyner is currently serving a life sentence in prison, but to this day, maintains that he acted out of self-defense in killing his wife.

Episode 236: Who Whacked Zack?

Jeff Zack is shot dead at a gas station in broad daylight, execution style. There are no fingerprints, no weapon, and no witnesses that could even come close to identifying the assailant. When police begin to dig into the victim's background, they find a long laundry list of enemies and criminal behavior, including involvement in a teen prostitution ring. The case continues, but given the number of people that potentially could have wanted him dead, there are no suspects in Jeff Zack's murder for at least a year.

American Justice Special: Eyewitness (2008)

A look at the role of the eyewitness in capturing and convicting criminals. Also features stories of wrongfully identified individuals who were convicted and sent to prison.

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