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Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms; the second new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 16 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, ships and technologies. Fight your way through the African continent with four campaigns and obliterate your opponents with a fresh batch of units under your command!

4 New Civilizations
Berbers – Unite the tribes of Northern Africa and set sail for Europe. Can you hold your ground against the scrambled kingdoms of Iberia?
Malians – Follow in the footsteps of the great Mansa Musa and become the greatest king of Western Africa.
Ethiopians – Relive the glory of the once mighty Aksumite empire and rule over the Red Sea.
Portuguese – Set sail for the new world, discover new routes to unknown lands and expand your trade routes to the mighty African empires.

4 New, Fully Voiced Campaigns
Tariq ibn Ziyad: Prepare to lead an army of Berbers and Arabs across the sea to Iberia, to defeat the fearsome Visigoths and bring the banners of war to the powerful Merovingian kingdom.
Sundjata: Said to possess a magical instrument that guarantees victory, Sumanguru, King of the Sosso, is poised to forge a new empire. Can you help Sundjata, the crippled prince of Mali, defy the odds, defeat Sumanguru, and become the most powerful ruler of West Africa?
Francisco de Almeida: Daring Portugese explorers have returned from India and given hope of glories and wealth unachievable in the Old World. Can you lead an armada to the East and forge an empire that spans three continents and two oceans?
Yodit: The beautiful princess Yodit has a promising future at the Aksumite court. But when her jealous nephew accuses her of theft, Yodit is forced to flee her home country. Witness how exile shaped this fallen princess into a mighty queen.

New Generic Units and Technologies
Arrowslits – Increase the power of your Towers and Keeps as they hail arrows down upon your foes.
Arson – Help your melee units burn enemy buildings to the ground with this new Castle Age research.
Fire Galley – Bring fires to the attack earlier in the game with this new Feudal Age ship.
Siege Tower – Hide units inside the tower and help them scale your opponents walls.

Sudden Death Game Mode
Be prepared to defend your town center in this new game mode. Each player only gets one, and if you lose it, it’s game over!

Improved AI
10 New Special Maps
8 New Real World Maps
5 New Random Maps
10 New terrains
New Scenario Editor Objects Streaming Integration
Spectator Mode

El clásico Age of Empires II regresa al mercado con esta remasterización a la alta definición que incluye gráficos adaptados a las 1080p, texturas más definidas, así como mejores efectos de iluminación. El juego trae consigo además la expansión Conquerors. Esta expansión incluye un nuevo continente (África) y algunas novedades en la jugabilidad y ajustes en las diferentes civilizaciones.

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