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Playboy: The Mansion (TM) README
Version 2.00



Thank you for purchasing Playboy: The Mansion.

For more information on the Playboy: The Mansion(TM) game, visit
the official website at

For more information on the publishers or developers of
Playboy: The Mansion(TM) visit:
ARUSH Publishing Corp. at
Groove Media, Inc. at
Cyberlore Studios, Inc. at

For more information on Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.,
visit Playboy at



1. Minimum System Requirements
2. Installation
3. Starting Playboy: The Mansion
4. Technical Support
5. Manual Information
6. Custom Content
7. Troubleshooting

1 ****************************************************************


- Windows(r) 98SE/ME/2000/XP/7/8/10
- Pentium(r) III 800 or 100% compatible
- 256MB RAM
- 1.5 Gb HD Space (allows for swap file)
- 32 MB DirectX(r)/Direct3D and T&L compatible video accelerator card
(ATI Radeon 7500 or greater; Nvidia Geforce 2 or greater)
- DirectX 9 or later
- DirectX compatible sound card
- Mouse
- CD-Rom drive
- Windows Media 9 Player or later

If you are running Windows(r) 2000 or Windows(r) XP, you must have
Administrator rights to properly install and play the game.

Playboy: The Mansion is best displayed in these resolutions:

- 640 x 480
- 800 x 600
- 1024 x 768
- 1152 x 864
- 1280 x 1024
- 1600 x 1200

Your device may support additional resolutions.

Playboy: The Mansion requires Windows(r) Media 9 Player or later
to properly display the in game movies. If the game is having
difficulty displaying any movies, please visit the Microsoft
website at
for an update.

2 ****************************************************************


Please close all open applications, including virus protection
applications. You may turn the virus applications back on after
installation is complete.

Insert the Playboy: The Mansion disk 1 into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
drive. The Autorun program will appear. Follow the directions
shown on your display.

If the Autorun program does not appear automatically, click on START
from the Windows Taskbar and select RUN. Then type in D:Autorun
into the Run dialog, and click OK or press ENTER. (If your CD-ROM or
DVD-ROM drive is something other than "D:", please insert the correct
drive letter.)


If you do not have DirectX 9 or higher, the Playboy: The Mansion
installer will ask if you want to install DirectX 9 along with the
game. If you choose not to install DirectX 9, you may experience
problems with the game. Most users will already have DirectX 9

Alternately, to install, insert disk 1 into your CD or DVD drive.
Click the INSTALL DIRECTX 9c button from the launcher menu.
Follow the On-screen directions.

If autorun is disabled, click START then RUN, and in the box enter:
D:dx9credistdxsetup and press Enter or click OPEN.
If your CD or DVD drive is something other than "D" replace the "D"
with the correct drive letter.)

UNINSTALLING Playboy: The Mansion

You can uninstall the game from the shortcut in the
Playboy: The Mansion program group, or you can go to
Playboy: The Mansion from the list.

3 ****************************************************************

4 ****************************************************************


For the latest information on Playboy: The Mansion (TM), please visit:

You can obtain the latest support information and technical
assistance from the Support section of the website.

You can contact Technical Support via email from the Technical Support
website, or you can email directly to

Please see the Trouble Shooting section below for some specific
support and trouble shooting information.

5 ****************************************************************


Please refer to the printed manual that came with your game. It provides
important information that will help you enjoy building and running
your mansion. It will walk you through each User Interface menu, and
it will also give details on how to throw the best parties and have
the best time possible.

6 ****************************************************************



You can add your own custom textures to Playboy: The Mansion(TM). Please
visit to learn more and to download
a tutorial on how to make the content yourself. If you have installed
the North American version of Playboy: The Mansion(TM), then the tutorial
can be found in the Playboy_Texture_Tutorial folder in your
Playboy: The Mansion directory. Open "Start.html" to begin.


Adding your own custom music to the game:

- Make a new folder in Playboy: The Mansion’s music directory
- The name of your folder will be the name of your station in game.
- Copy your MP3s or shortcuts to your MP3s into that directory.
- MP3s, or shortcuts, should only be in the root level of this folder.
The game will not read into subdirectories.
- Note: The more MP3s, the slower your start up time will be.

7 ****************************************************************



If you are using Windows XP and have autorun enabled, you may experience
an autorun issue during installation. When you are prompted to insert
disc 2, Windows Explorer may auto-detect a new CD and open a window over
the Installation window. Simply close the Explorer window and proceed
with the installation of Playboy: The Mansion.

WINDOWS® 2000 / nForce™2 chipset USERS:

There is a known incompatibility with our copy protection method and
motherboards with the nForce™2 chipset under Windows® 2000.
To fix this, please visit website and download an
updated nForce™2 chipset driver for W2K or XP.

Playboy: The Mansion(TM) should now work properly.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not adjust your in-game screen resolution
to a setting beyond what your monitor can support. You should
consult your monitor's documentation in order to learn about
supported resolutions.


Authenticated Drivers
If your drivers are authenticated by Microsoft, then DX9 may try to
verify if they have expired by connecting to the following URL This is a Microsoft Certification check for
expiration of Certificate site. This could be triggered when the game is
run, as it interfaces with the video and sound drivers installed in
Windows. This feature of Windows can be turned off in the following

Start Internet explorer and click...

Tools | Internet Options

Click the ADVANCED TAB, then scroll down to Security:


This stops Windows from trying the verify if a certificated drivers
certificate has expired or not.

This does not affect how the game works and Firewall users can halt the
connection and the game will load as normal.


The most common errors are related to video & sound card drivers.
This game requires DirectX 9 or later. If your drivers are not
DirectX certified, please download or obtain the latest drivers
from your card manufacturer. This is the number one problem people
have with DirectX games. Please check for recent DirectX updates.
This will most likely solve your problem.

After you have updated your drivers, you should reinstall DirectX (from
whatever folder you downloaded it to) or from the Playboy: The Mansion
CD disk 1) and restart Windows. If you are having sound or video
problems, you should try reinstalling DirectX.


Playboy: The Mansion requires Windows(r) Media 9 Player or later
to properly display the in game movies. If the game is having
difficulty displaying any movies, please visit the Microsoft
website at
for an update.


Q: How do I get DirectX?

A: DirectX is most likely already installed on your computer, but there
may be a more up to date version available. Version 9 is available on
this disk. DirectX is a free download from Microsoft. We recommend
getting the most up to date version, as it will most likely make all
your games perform better. You can get the latest version from their
website at:

Q: How do I determine if my video card is DirectX compatible?

A: For DirectX diagnosing tools, open Windows Explorer and go to the
C:Program FilesDirectXSetup directory. Run the program named
Dxdiag.exe. This will give you detailed information for all your drivers
and other DirectX components. This will also help tech support if you
should need to call them.

Q: How do I update my video drivers?

A: If you already know what card you have, go to that
manufacturer's web site and follow their instructions for downloading
and updating your driver. If you do not know what video card you’re using,
look at the documentation that came with your computer / video
card purchase or you can find out by looking at your computer's System
Properties. If you do not know what card you have, follow
the instructions below.

Your System Properties can be viewed by right clicking on the My Computer
icon on your desktop, selecting Properties, then selecting the Device
Manager tab. For Windows XP, click Start/ Control Panel/ System Properties/
then the Hardware Tab, and then Device Manager. You will see a monitor
icon with the text Display Adapters next to it. Left click on the +
and you should see what driver you are currently using.

Click on it and then click the Properties button. That should tell you
the manufacturer.

You must now go to the manufacturer web site to obtain the free driver
upgrade. The drivers are usually located in the Support section of their
site. Other areas to look are Downloads, Drivers, Files, Upgrades,
Technical Support or User Support.

Q: The game is running choppy or slow.

A: Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
You should be running the latest version of DirectX and have
updated drivers for your video card. You may also want to turn
down the settings, or decrease the Resolution in the Options Menu.

Q: I am not seeing any textures on objects. I am seeing white or
blue textures, or the textures don’t look right.

A: This is a common problem people encounter when they are using old
video drivers. Please update your video drivers as mentioned above.

Q: I am not hearing any sound or the sounds are broken up.

A: Be sure you have updated the drivers on your sound card
and have the latest version of DirectX installed.

Q: A message keeps telling me to insert the correct CD and retry. What
is wrong?

A: You may have CloneCD or another similar type of CD image application
running. Close down all other applications, especially any that try to
mimic a CD-ROM or CR-ROM drive.

Q: Where are the game preferences, such as the screen resolution stored?
I want to reset the preferences back to the defaults.

A: Open an Explorer window, and find the installation directory for
Playboy: The Mansion. The file is named usrprefs.xml. You can delete
this file and the game will revert to its default values.

Optimizing your hard drive: Run SCANDISK and then DEFRAG your hard drive.
There is a good potential for making games run faster and better
if your system is optimized.


Playboy: The Mansion™ © 2005 Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.
Game and Software ©2005 ARUSH Publishing Corporation and Groove Media
Inc. Portions of this software are included under license. © 2004
Numerical Design, Ltd. Created using Cyberlore’s Prometheus® engine.
All rights reserved. Published by ARUSH Publishing and Groove
Media Inc. Distributed in North America by Hip Interactive, Inc.
Developed by Cyberlore Studios, Inc. PLAYBOY, the RABBIT HEAD DESIGN,
HEF, and the BUNNY COSTUME are trademarks of Playboy Enterprises
International, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All
Rights Reserved. ARUSH, ARUSH Publishing, and the ARUSH Logo are
trademarks or registered trademarks of ARUSH Publishing Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries. Groove Media and Groove
Media Logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Groove Media Inc.
in the United States and/or other countries. Hip Games is a registered
trademark of Hip Interactive Inc. Cyberlore, the Cyberlore logo
and Prometheus are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cyberlore
Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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